Man decapitates mother’s head, cut up body with jigsaw

Bashid McLean, 23, is accused of decapitating his mother’s head, cut her body into pieces and placed her remains on separate street corners in a South Bronx neighborhood on Feb. 27, according to the Huffington Post.

Police found pictures of her body parts in McLean’s cell phone.  They also discovered a horrific photo of McLean holding his mother’s bloodied head up by the hair.

Credit: Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

Authorities said McLean used a Black and Decker jigsaw to butcher Tanya Byrd’s, 45, body and placed her remains in separate bags. Another suspect, William Harris, 26, was seen on surveillance camera helping McLean dispose of her body parts.

A man walking his dog made the horrific discovery of Byrd’s dismembered remains as he saw her leg protruding from a pile of garbage.  Her remains were stuffed in four bags and scattered along four blocks, police said.

The resident’s dog found the first bag – a heavy-duty plastic garbage bag stuffed in a duffel bag, with the woman’s bloodied leg inside – in a trash pile in the Melrose neighborhood. Police then found the three other bags and their macabre contents, including the victim’s head, part of her torso and other limbs, according to the Huffington Post.




  1. Joseph Romano

    “Civilized enough to have the death penalty”….that is priceless. Would you say that in front of the more then 100 men released from prison while on death row when DNA testing proved that they did not do it ? People being forced to leave the decision of whether they live or die up to the opinion of 12 people and quire a bit of evidence that they get it wrong more often than not ? “Civilized enough to have a death penalty”…….love it.

    • jim woodward

      you are waaaay off the mark there, my boy. there have be EIGHTEEN individuals exonorated by dna who were on death row. the other three hundred were general population inmates with life or less sentences

  2. Joseph Romano

    Do you “news people” even try anymore ? Decapitation is cutting someone’s head off, so do you know how silly it looks to say that they”decapitated the women’s head” ? It is called being “redundant” and not a mistake I would expect from anyone above 8th grade, none the less a “professional writer”.

    • jim woodward

      it really is a stupid sentence. a FOURTH grader would know better. however, you must remember that journalism isn’t taught anymore. these clowns can barely write a coherent sentence, and when they do, it’s to sensationalize something that isn’t sensational.
      i’m afraid that the days of competent news reporting are just a distant memory

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