Wise Co. elementary teacher admits smoking meth

Vickie Sanchez Bruce/Credit: Wise County Sheriff Dept.

An elementary school teacher allegedly confessed to a Texas Ranger on Wednesday that she has been smoking methamphetamines every day before school for seven years.

Vickie Sanchez Bruce, 46, a third-grade teacher in the Springtown Independent School District at Reno Elementary School, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance in a Drug Free Zone.

According to the arrest affidavit, a police informant told a Texas Ranger that Bruce bought methamphetamines regularly, and apparently she carried a photo album at all times where she concealed the drugs.

When police approached Bruce she reportedly told authorities about the drugs in her vehicle parked on the campus where the drug transaction took place, according to NBC DFW news.

Police arrested Bruce, but she has been released on a $25,000 bond.

The school district placed Bruce on administrative leave.




  1. ednakrabapple

    So unfortunately I have a person in my family that was addicted to methamphetamine, so I’m not entirely sure how this lady got away with this for seven years.

    The person I knew was totally strung out and spacey when she was on meth, and she picked at her skin so much she had sores covering her entire body. It took us six months to figure out something was wrong how did she go for seven years?

    I’m floored by this, we can’t be so desperate for teachers that we don’t hold them to high standards random drug testing, peer reviews, something. How did no one notice for seven years? And for that matter, SHE HAD IT WITH HER AT SCHOOL.

    This is so disturbing, I can’t right now, I just can’t.

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