Babysitter kidnaps 2-year-old

Patricia Garcia charged with kidnapping 2-year-old

The Dallas County District Attorney’s office has charged Patricia Garcia, 38, with kidnapping after she refused to return a child that she was babysitting to the parents.

Garcia kidnapped 2-year-old Maliyah Vergenz on late Tuesday night which set off an Amber Alert in Garland, Texas.

Maliyah’s parents say they were at the emergency room with their six-week old baby boy when they asked the babysitter Patricia Garcia to bring their daughter to them, according to WFAA Channel 8 news.  

They say she told them she wasn’t giving the child back.

“When I found out what was really starting to happen my heart sank on me because I’ve never experienced this pain,” Maliyah’s father, Anthony Vergenz said. “I was heartbroken, she’s my angel, my princess, prize jewel, daddy’s girl.”

Maliyah is now safe back home with her parents.



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