Texas denies inmate Kimberly McCarthy execution appeal

Kimberly McCarthy

In 1854, Dallas County executed its first woman by hanging, and after 158 years, another Texas death row inmate will be the second woman in Dallas County history to be executed for the brutal murder of a Lancaster woman.

Kimberly Lagayle McCarthy, now 51, faces execution for the murder of 71-year-old Dorothy Booth, a retired El Centro College psychology professor, who was found dead on her dining room floor in July 1997.

On Aug. 15, the state of Texas filed a motion to execute McCarthy Jan. 29, 2013, and she can petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The deadline is October 9, 2012.

In 1997, McCarthy entered the home of Booth stating she wanted to borrow some sugar, and then stabbed the victim five times. At some point during the assault, she hit Booth in the face with a candelabrum, and then cut off Booth’s left finger to take her diamond wedding ring.

Later, McCarthy left with Booth’s purse and Mercedes-Benz and drove to a crack house where she attempted to buy crack cocaine.  It was also revealed that McCarthy “pawned Booth’s wedding ring for $200, and used the victim’s credit card at least four times on the day after the murder, ” according to a fifth circuit court document (Section No. 11-70019).

McCarthy escorted out of Lew Sterret in Dallas

A Dallas County jury convicted McCarthy of capital murder for killing Booth in the course of committing robbery.

During the sentencing phase, prosecutors also introduced evidence accusing McCarthy of killing two other women – Maggie Harding, 81, and Jettie Lucas, 85.  Investigators said Harding was attacked with a meat tenderizer and knives, and Lucas was beaten with a claw hammer and stabbed with knives, according the Houston Chronicle archives.

McCarthy was first sentenced to death on Nov. 24, 1998. However, the Court of Criminal Appeal reversed the first conviction and sentence, and the Dallas County District Attorney’s office re-tried the case.

Click to view McCarthy’s Appeal History (COURT DOCUMENT)

As of 2012, Darlie Routier is the only other woman from Dallas County sentenced to death in Texas convicted for killing her two sons.

Click to view the list of other women on Texas death row.

The state of Texas executed only four other women before Kimberly McCarthy:

Jane Elkins – 1854 – Dallas County (first black woman)
Karla Faye Tucker – Feb 3 1998 – Houston (first white woman since 1863)
Betty Lou Beets – Feb 24, 2000 – Henderson County (white woman)
Frances Newman – Sept. 14, 2005 – Houston (second black woman in Texas to be executed)

Click to view Dallas County execution history.


    • Jim Woodward

      what a utter crock of shit. only the most abjectly stupid would think that idiocy was anything more than the fantasy story that it is

        • Jim Woodward

          oh, i don’t know. i assume that you have to register and shit, and that’s more hassle than it’s worth. there is also the little thing that, even though i like doing it, i know that i shouldn’t be casting my pearls before swine.
          however, since i am such a magnanimous chap, just for you, i will put a comment there. i’m fully aware of the fact that it should bring all the retards out of the woodwork, but, that is precisely why it is so much fun

        • Jim Woodward

          i don’t know why i am surprised. i posted a comment, just because you asked me to, and it is awaiting moderation. that is typical with outfits that have an aversion to the truth.such as this one, and the rest of them that you habituate.
          anyway, just for you, my comment was:

          what an utter crock of decompressed goat manure. NO rational person would try to claim that davis was innocent. hell, the punk was dumb enough to murder the cop with the same gun he’d shot another guy in the face with just a few hours before.
          the boo hooing and idiocy about davis being innocent would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic.
          can we say rodger coleman? same level of intelligence

          again, with rags that have no interest in reality, such truthful comments usually are moderated out

    • Jim Woodward

      obviously, you truly are that stupid. hell, my ol’ lady only reads third grade level, and she wouldn’t be so moronic as to make that statement based on that article. the article says absolutely NOTHING of the kind, or even anything remotely similar.
      apparently, you will NEVER get to take off that dunce cap

    • Jim Woodward

      the fool was mentally ill clown, he was NOT insane. YOU are mentally ill, but, regardless of your spewing of idiocies, you know that murder is wrong. despite your attempts to prove that you are insane, you are not

      • SDL

        Executing the mentally ill..how kind….

        I would still spit in Rick Scott;s face if given the chance.

        Oh and tell Dillon I’ve heard all about him from a friend of mine who lives in Gilroy….

        • Jim Woodward

          damn, you’re daft, fool. what the hell does mentally ill have to do with shit? my ol’ lady is bi polar. that means she is mentally ill. she knows it’s wrong to murder. that is the ONLY thing that matters, to intelligent people.
          i’ll let bob know when i see him. i haven’t gotten around to char’s for a couple of months. of course, the possibility of anyone in gilroy knowing anything about him is zilch. he’s quite a few miles from gilroy, although, i imagine that he goes down for the garlic festival now and then

          • SDL

            Really…seems one of my FB friends knows who the fuck Bob is….

            August 20

            8/20, 3:49am
            hey have you ever heard of this asshole in politics named Bob Dillon? I think the fucker’s from Gilroy
            August 20

            8/20, 9:31am
            NO, I have’
            not heard about him. I will look him up.

            8/20, 9:42am
            Thanks. I’ve tangled with him on a pro-death penalty website. He is or was a city council member and he’s taken shots at me and my wife. He has said that racist mass murderer Joseph Paul Franklin should be pardoned because he tried to kiill Larry Flynt

            8/20, 10:08am
            Yah, he is an asshole!!!! I recognize him from his picture… he is retired though.

            8/20, 10:08am
            So you have heard of the fuck.

            8/20, 10:09am
            Yes, I also see him hang out with this other tea party prick at Starbucks on occasion.

            8/20, 10:09am
            go to http://prodp.proboards.com/

            Home | Pro Death Penalty.com Discussion Board
            Visit our forum at: prodp.proboards.com

            8/20, 10:09am
            He uses the name “Californian”
            He’s dared me to come out there

            8/20, 10:10am
            Does he know you know his name?

            8/20, 10:11am
            Yes he does…before I got banned from that board in 2009 we’d trade barbs…only he got personal
            On another board he expressed regret that I didn’t die from my heart attack in 2010

            8/20, 10:12am
            Well, with his military and police backgrounds he thinks he is a badass. All he is really is an overweight old angry man who is racist and useless at this point.
            Please, don’t let this asshole get to you.!! They are words from an idiot

            8/20, 10:13am
            HE called my wife a skank
            and when he read on a thread that my wife had to have a hysterectomy years ago, he said he was glad she couldn’t give birth
            Trust me..he’s lucky I haven’t flown out there

            8/20, 10:14am
            He lives with his miserable self. Please don’t let this idiot get to you, I know it’s hard but he is not worth it.

            8/20, 10:15am
            As long as he;s not near me, I can handle it

              • SDL

                Now I know the truth as ti what a piece of shit Bob is.

                He looks a bit like Dick Cheney…hopefully he’ll have the same health problems as well.

                • Jim Woodward

                  that’s a good one fool. you are the one who is emulating limp dickey’s health problems. i do believe that it was you who said that someone should be careful what they wish for. you’d better heed your own advice

  1. SDL

    The KKKhristian state of TeKKKas crucified a Jew last night.

    A message for the racist anti-Semite RicKKK Perry אם אתה הורג יהודי עוד עשר יבוא אחריך.

    • Jim Woodward

      we have always known that you didn’t have any aces, but, you prove that you don’t even have any face cards at all. no wonder you are in the sad state that you are in

        • Jim Woodward

          and then, you prove yourself even more stupid than that. you have about reached the bottom there laddie. that is one of the most imbecilic comments you’ve ever made, and you’ve made thousands
          at any rate, since susan is no longer able to translate your stupidity, if i wanted to translate it, i would just use google translator. i don’t need to translate it to know that it is just more of your abject stupidity
          congratulations though on finding a computer where you could type hebrew

          • SDL

            RicKKK Perry will lose the Jewish vote for sure if he runs in 2016..he;s already lost the Black vote. Hopefully he will get cancer before then.

            • Jim Woodward

              hopefully, the fool will lose ALL of the vote. i detest the clown. however, it is not nice to wish someone to get cancer. karma is a bitch

                • Jim Woodward

                  huh uh. it got her long before she ever had the misfortune to know you. it had gone into remission, but came back. at least she died as a hell of a lot better human than you could ever be

    • Jim Woodward

      and this has to do with what, laddie? obviously, the broad should be released, but of course, had she not taken out messages for the worthless garbage that she was defending, she would be home. when you choose to do something that you know you have no right to do, you choose to accept whatever repercussions come from it

      • SDL

        Hey disphit…if yoyu read anything on the case, the fascist judge re-sentenced for to a longer term under orders from Bushitler and Dick (may he suffer a painful death from tissue rejection) Cheney

        • Jim Woodward

          what the hell is a disphit? i searched and cannot find the word. i’m thinking that it is just a sound that came out of your demented mind
          the broad actually deserves to NEVER get out for what she did

            • Jim Woodward

              you didn’t answer the question, laddie. i just hate being right ALL of the time. i knew that you wouldn’t.
              yes, my boy, i have read the case, and more.
              she was defending muzzie garbage that deserved to be dead and its carcass wrapped in pigskin. that is okay though, because even you deserve adequate representation. i have absolutely NO problem with that.
              however, when she made the abjectly stupid choice to help the worthless piece of shit in ANY other way, by committing a crime herself in doing it, she deserved to have the book thrown at her
              just simple reality my boy

                • Jim Woodward

                  now, you’re just being stupid. they busted the bitch with the letter. there was no frameup. when you start coming off with idiocy like that, it means that you acknowledge that you have no case.

    • Jim Woodward

      AND? it is a sad fact that a few innocent chaps are wrongly convicted. thankfully, there has not been an innocent person executed since 1976.

        • Jim Woodward

          ALL guilty not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but guilty beyond any doubt whatsoever. not even a good try laddie.
          can we say rodger coleman?

            • Jim Woodward

              talk about grasping at straws, lad, i hope your ass don’t hurt too bad from the fall you took when flimsy straw broke. in the first place, slovak was long before 1976. he was also tried in a MILITARY court, which has NO relation to what we’re talking about.
              as much as i dislike ricky, no, he didn’t hide ANYTHING about willingham. the ONLY thing that you idiots claiming him innocent have is the finding that some indicators previously thought to be present only in arson fires, can also be present in regular fires. that little tidbit doesn’t come remotely close to creating any doubt as to willingham’s guilt, to the rational mind of course. he wasn’t convicted just because the fire was thought to be arson. he was convicted because he blocked the door, stood around watching his kids burn, tried to save a car, was only upset because his dartboard was burned, and the fact that he had tried to murder one of the kids before it was born.
              the ONLY legitimate defense to murder is insanity, as defined by mcnaughton. a retarded person knows that murder is wrong. that is the ONLY criterion. no matter how stupid you may be, as long as you know that murder is wrong, you should be executed.

              • SDL

                Tell me why Perry quashed the evidence showing Willingham was innocent.

                Why did he block that commission? Perry was hiding something. Oh, once he leaves office, he could be arrested if he ever leaves the country.

  2. SDL

    To Dillon and Woodward

    Must suck to be you today…

    A Stay of Execution has been granted for Marshall Gore. Marshall was scheduled to be executed Wednesday, July 10th at 6:00 pm ET. A Bradford County Judge ordered a hearing for next week into claims that Marshall Gore is incompetent to be executed.

    • Jim Woodward

      not at all laddie. if they properly follow the law, the fool will die. NO ONE is incompetent to be executed as long as they know that murder is wrong. that is the ONLY definition of insanity, which is the ONLY legitimate reason for not executing a murderer
      most chaps with just a 40 iq, such as yourself, still know that murder is wrong.

        • Jim Woodward

          now why would i want to tell that to bill? it has absolutely nothing to do with what i said. good try though laddie, but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. of course, yours always hit the dirt twenty feet wide of the target

          • SDL

            I wouldn’t want to be that racist pig Zimmerfuck right now. Bet he won’t last the year before he suffers from “lead poisoning”

            • Jim Woodward

              you’d better watch out lad. your agreeing with me could cause you a massive headache. no one is going to lynch georgie boy.
              the verdict was a travesty, to be sure. zimmeman is definitely guilty of second degree murder. however, you must remember that martin was a totally worthless piece of shit that needed killing. george just didn’t have the right to do it

                • Jim Woodward

                  at that time, martin was behaving himself. zimmerman had no right chasing him. of course, that has nothing to do with the fact that the world is a better place with martin dead. georgie just didn’t have a right to be the one who made him that way

  3. Snott Levison

    Well, Texas got another one last night and the clock is ticking for McCarthy. Two weeks to go until her gurney ride. Excellent!

    • 70scarrestoguy

      I’ll 2nd that comment & add that it’s too bad McCarthy didn’t instead kill herself rather than those 3 defenseless elderly women.
      Some people are simply evil, Kimberly McCarthy is one such person.
      I’m counting down the days until Wednesday, hopefully justice will be served upon McCarthy this time around.

        • Jim Woodward

          tennessee is a good, god fearing state, but, there are a whole lot of folks that aren’t christians yet. hell, they bust a couple of meth labs a week here

              • Californian

                Had another heart attack yet, Tubby? The reaper awaits you, to the applause of all right-minded people.

                • SDL

                  I hope you get cancer…and please tell Doc and sbusani the same thing.

                  Must suck to be you. Maryland has now banned the DP..more to follow 🙂

                  I;m going to a baseball game today. I’ll be thinking of you as I stay seated for the anthem.

                  • Jim Woodward

                    you need to learn a little respect for your betters lad. unfortunately, susan died a year ago. as for the rest of your lunacy, karma is a bitch. still, i will be sad when you die of cancer.
                    why not sit on your ass at the baseball game. you’ve never done anything but sit on your ass your entire life

                    • SDL

                      Susan Busani’s dead? Good.. Is she playing the Long Island RR massacre and 9/11 cards in Hell? Sje threatened to have Homeland Security and the IRS come after me just fir the fun of it. She called me a self-hating Jew because I married a non-Jewish girl and because I am anti-DP. She was nothing but a fucking Kahanist and I won;t shed any tears for that bitch! If i knew where her grave was i would piss on it

              • Californian

                How could you be a “self-hating Jew?” Didn’t you say your mother was a Christian? Read the Mishnah, Bar Mitzvah boy. According to the Codex, you’re not a Jew. You’re a half-breed with no connection to the tribe. “Self-hating asshole” would be much more appropriate.

  4. SDL

    Using pentobarbital WITHOUT a doctor’s prescription is illegal and I doubt any doctor in TeKKKxas would violate the Hippocratic oath to do so. Consequently, this means that Prick Perry et al is practicing medicine without a license.

    • Jim Woodward

      well, my boy, you have a proclivity for making stupid comments, but, that one is close to the stupidest one you have ever made. REALITY clown. YOU using pentobartial without a prescirption is illegal. the state makes the rule for YOU. you don’t have a say in it. the prison warden does NOT need a prescription for anything. besides, any doctor with morals would write a prescription if it was necessary.
      normal people don’t live in your little fantasy world lad. you really do need to dump those shrooms

        • Jim Woodward

          don’t be daft lad. there is NO similarity whatsoever. in the first place, the hippocratic oath has absolutely NO relevance to the issue whatsoever.
          mengele was not punishing murderers. that flimsy straw broke before you even grasped it

            • SDL

              Jurors recanted..heard tell that McPhail’s family had ties to the KKK.

              BTW..looks like you have an asshole on that board that likes to torture animals.

              >>The Tipsy Broker

              Member of the Month – 7/09, 6/11, 5/12, Member of the Year – 2012

              11% Troll

              Posts: 10,799

              Hill’s Bid to Avoid Execution 6 hours ago
              Quote Post by The Tipsy Broker on 6 hours ago
              Im going to have to kill a puppy now to release my bloodthirst.<<

              Sounds like a real asshole.

              • Jim Woodward

                the ONLY thing that a recantation, of any kind, means, is that you lied. the simple FACT that davis murdered the chap with the same gun as he’d shot another guy in the face with earlier in the day, more than conclusively proved him guilty.
                obviously, the kkk has NO relevance whatsoever to the subject.
                hill is obviously guilty. hell lad, you’re retarded too, but, when bob kills the pals that you take to california with you, YOU will go down for murder and be executed.
                REALITY!! atkins was a stupid decision. the ONLY legitimate defense for murder is insanity, as defined by mcnaughten. if you know that murder is wrong, a zero iq shouldn’t be good enough to keep you alive.

  5. Jim Woodward

    damn laddie, that isn’t very nice. i’ve always been very nice to you. i have diligently strived to help you up out of the mudhole that you have put yourself in. you know that i hate to see anyone stumbling around in the darkness. i have turned on the light for you. all that you have to do is open your eyes and see it.
    it is quite obvious that you have kept your eyes closed for the past three years. that is sad. however, be of good cheer. i have returned to help you once again.

  6. Eminey Allsopp

    Enjoy your last meal you POS. Rest in peace Dorothy.
    For those ready to have a go, think of your grandmother having her fingers hacked off for her wedding ring for some crack whore to get a fix.

  7. Fred Flint

    Do you really believe that God agrees with the mighty state of Texas by killing McCarthy if so by braking His own comandment Thou shall not kill would make Him a liar. Maybe the Godvernor of Texas in his bible wrote his own comandment Thou shall not kill unless a death warrant is signed by me the Governor of Texas

    • Pro-DP

      Fred, are you a fifth grader? Nice spelling and punctuation. “Braking?” 😉

      We’re a secular nation, boyo. If you want to add a religious angle, look up “Render unto Caesar.” God says civil laws are to be obeyed. McCarthy’s a danger to society and should be dispatched forthwith.

      • Fred Flint

        Dear Pro-DP,
        I’m glad to hear that Texas is a secular nation that does not use the US dollar. If I remember well It clearly states on the US dollar ” In God we trust” I hope the Godvernor of Texas will request from the Federal Government to change the US dollar to ” In Secularity We Trust”. By the way I’m not a fifth grader, you can triple that with a university degree. Thou Shall Not kill should be replaced by Render Unto Perry and and An Eye For And Eye as the new secular moto for Texas. Give me a Break……..Boyo

        • Pro-DP

          “I’m glad to hear that Texas is a secular nation that does not use the US dollar. If I remember well It clearly states on the US dollar ” In God we trust” I hope the Godvernor of Texas will request from the Federal Government to change the US dollar to ” In Secularity We Trust”.

          It’s a MOTTO, you dunce, not a command.
          Fred: “By the way I’m not a fifth grader, you can triple that with a university degree.”

          But not in English, right? “Braking” 😉

          “Thou Shall Not kill should be replaced by Render Unto Perry and and An Eye For And Eye as the new secular moto for Texas. Give me a Break……..Boyo”

          It’s all up to the legislature, not me. In the meantime-is this witch dead yet?

    • SDL

      The giverbor if Texas is a piece of shit. He gets orgasms killing people, innocent or guilty. Case in point, Cameron Todd Willingham. One reason Perry did poorly in the primaries…the Willingham case sunk him.

        • SDL

          Willingham SUNK Rick Perry’s presidential hopes….it was pretty goddamned obvious. If anything, Perry should be arrested for sedition. Advocating secession sounds treasonous to me.

          • Jim Woodward

            your last sentence is the only intelligent thing that you have said. your hallucinations about willingham would be laughable if they weren’t so pathetic. the murderer’s name was never mentioned in the campaign laddie. even if it had been, the 99% of the folks who are normal wouldn’t have paid any attention.
            REALITY clown!! perry lost out because he’s an idiot. willingham had absolutely NOTHING to do with it

              • Jim Woodward

                i’m sure you did. how much of an impression did you make on the voters with it? correct answer would be ZILCH. willingham always has been, and always will be, a non issue, especially for an election. your lunacy certainly didn’t keep perry from getting reelected governor,did it? if he wasn’t so damn stupid, he would have probably gotten a lot further in the primaries than he did.
                the simple FACT, my boy, is that, for normal people, the death penalty is a non issue in any national campaign, and very little issue even in state campaigns.

                • SDL

                  We weren’t in TeKKKxas..we were in Florida where the racist fucker wasn’t running for governor. We made enough of a stink that Perry’s goons had us ejected…so much for the First Amendment. I personally would spit in his face if given a chance.

                  • Jim Woodward

                    since you were not complying with the first amendment, you forfeited your first amendment right. you have the first amendment right to PEACEFULLY assemble. you had no intention of being peaceful, by your own admission

    • Eminey Allsopp

      For those preaching from the bible have you actually read the bible or do you just choose to take that one line as everything the scriptures teach? I can find you many to prove that god himself would agree with legally sentencing someone to death for a horrific cold blooded murder. You antis see everything as black and white, you twist evidence to fulfill your pathetic arguments. If you got off your lazy asses and researched your rants you may see differently!

      • Jim Woodward

        damn lad, after all these years, you STILL haven’t gotten anything right. such a shame.
        ALL normal and rational people know that willingham was guilty beyond all doubt, and the fool never crossed their mind when they were voting. hell, the punk don’t cross normal people’s minds ANYTIME

          • Jim Woodward

            don’t be daft. there has NEVER been an iota of evidence that willingham was innocent, so there is nothing for perry to quash. everyone knows about the idiocy of those who try to claim willingham was innocent simply because it was discovered that a couple of indicators of arson could be found in routine fires. that shit doesn’t come remotely close to casting even a hint of doubt as to the fool’s guilt
            get a grip

    • Jim Woodward

      obviously, you know nothing about the bible. in the first place, the commandment is about murder. it has nothing to do with justified killing.
      read the story of aachen, which took place decades after mt sinai. aachen just snatched a bit of silver and gold, and what happened to him. god commanded the israelites to execute, not only him, but his family and all of his animals, for the crime.
      you lose. sorry about your luck

      • SDL

        This is what I know about the Bible:

        Freedom Is A State Of Mind

        In the history of the human race
        Of all the inspirations for the separation of man from his true tribal culture
        Of all the inspirations for the acts of violence from one man onto another
        From one nation onto another, from one oppressor onto the oppressed
        There is no more guilty party and inspiration than those books known
        As the Holy Bible, the Koran, and the Bagavad Gita to spread separation of mankind

        The Bible is bullshit, the Koran is a lie
        The Bagavad Gita did not fall from the sky
        These are the books that were written by men
        They’ve caused wars, now follow if you can

        They took away our love and gave us fear
        Tried to make us hate the one who put us here
        Then they took our sacred songs and made them wrong
        Then they took away our prayers and gave us theirs

        The Bible is bullshit, the Koran is a lie
        The Bagavad Gita did not fall from the sky
        These are the books that are written by men
        They’ve caused wars, now follow if you can

        First they created sin so they could win
        Then they built the cages they could put us in
        Then they took away our tribes and gave us jail
        Then they took away the Earth and gave us hell

        The Bible is bullshit, the Koran is a lie
        The Bagavad Gita did not fall from the sky
        These are the books that are written by men
        They’ve caused wars, now follow if you can

        It’s time for you to love one another
        It’s time for you to recognize your brother
        It’s time for us to stop killing our mother
        It’s time for us to care for each other

        The Bible is bullshit

    • Californian

      “we cannot give life we should not take it .”
      Sure we do. How do you think YOU got here, idiot? She murders an old woman for crack money? Onto the gurney with her, and good riddance.

    • hilda beaverhausen

      You obviously have never had a loved one murdered in cold blood by a viscious killer. Let her pay her dues so she can be square with the house in this life and the next.

      • SDL

        My father was a Holocaust survivor, He lost his first wife and son…the half brother I never knew…in Bergen-Belsen. You would think he’d support the DP…no, he felt it brought us all down to the level of the Nazis.

            • Jim Woodward

              his premise was wrong, as well as foolish. doling out equitable punishment is NEVER going down to the level of the nazis, or any other worthless piece of shit. it is the one thing that elevates us above such garbage

                • Californian

                  But, Snotty-he DID speak for your father. Now what are you going to do about it?

                  You’re actually quite comical, do you know that?

                    • Californian

                      “We ever meet?” As if. You lack the courage and the funds to every buy a catgtle car seat on Southwest, Snotty. Admit it.

                      And as to Dorner? He’s 400 miles away from me, and a dead man walking, to boot. Ho hum.

                      Hey, how’s your hero Yugo Chaves doing?

                    • Jim Woodward

                      you are about the most hypocritical asshole i have ever encountered. all of this love and peace stupidity that you run around spewing, then threatening bob with violence in the same thread.
                      you really do need to make up your mind

                    • Californian

                      MMMmmmm. Judging by the news, he’s now a crispy critter. So again it’s up to you, Snott. Buy your ticket yet?

                  • Jim Woodward

                    hell, the boy is only a nine hour drive from me. anytime he feels froggy, he can hop right on over here. i’m sure that he can afford gas for a one way trip since, he wouldn’t be hopping back

                • Jim Woodward

                  damn lad, i can speak for whoever i feel like speaking for, or about. even though he had everything wrong, i’m sure he was a fine man. the question is, what the hell happened to YOU?

                  • Jim Woodward

                    were you there speaking out? you still haven’t explained why someone like you who is supposed to be peace and love advocates, and participates, in war and killing, and all other types of violence.
                    most people don’t consider murderers to be practicing loving their fellow man. you aren’t alone though. there are many such sick folks out there

      • Californian

        Then why did you post there until you got tossed off for being an asshole?

        Hey, has that skank of your washed her hair in the intervening 3 years?

        • SDL

          You know why I got booted..because I dissed Fred “I’m using my dead son as a meal ticket who’d still be alive if he kept his dick in his pants” Goldman

          Say shit about my wife, Dillon. Keep showing everybody what a fucking asshole you are.

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