Unfair treatment of child in potty training

Janice Anthony

It sickens me to hear about people abusing innocent children.  Isn’t it bad enough that children are sexually and mentally abused?

But, to know someone could emotionally and physically abuse an innocent child which leads to death during a potty training session shows a clear lack of humanity.  They have no soul.

The senseless beating or kicking of a child who does not fully understand how to go to the “pot-pot” is unfair and unreasonable.

What kind of sick and selfish person does this?

Too many children are knocked around and thrown to the floor for crying because a so-called “adult” figure may be experiencing some personal stress in their life.

The child has no control over that, but becomes a punching bag for stress.

Such as, in the case of 3-year-old Paris Howard, who recently died in Fort Worth on Sept. 6 at the hands of her own mother, Janice Anthony,  age 19.

Police said upon arrival to the residence they found little Paris dead on the floor with bruises on her body.  Anthony admitted something terrible occurred during a potty training session.

The investigators charged Anthony with injury to a child and she could face more criminal charges once the official medical examiner’s report is released.

In my opinion, I believe the child suffered abuse long before this incident.  I can only imagine the horror.  The innocent mind does not understand why this is happening.  It is just completely unfair.

When it comes to potty training any adult should know that a child is “simply trying to learn” something new, and it is not always easy.

It’s called learning and development.

As for the mother, did Anthony have a support system? Where was the child’s father?  Did she always have anger issues? Was she on drugs? Did she experience abuse as a child?

So many issues are at play here.

One comment

  1. Kiara

    well trust their is more and everyone is speaking from the outside..nd if her father had an opportunity to be there he would have..i know them…

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