Kidnapped teen Gabrielle Swainson still missing, parents give interview

Gabrielle Swainson

The father of Gabrielle Swainson, a 15-year-old girl who disappeared four weeks ago in South Carolina, spoke with Nancy Grace on Friday about the kidnapping.

Alvin Thompson said the amount of blood found on the scene by investigators does not seem to be consistent with death, so he believes his daughter is still alive.

Thompson said he believes someone else could be assisting the kidnapper while he is locked up and is still taking care of her.

“He may have someone helping him,” Thompson said, “Someone may be feeding her, and I hope that is the case.”

Investigators charged Freddie Grant of Elgin, 52, with the kidnapping of Swainson after finding her blood on duct tape in his home and in a nearby junkyard, according to CBS News (read more.)

VIDEO: Elvia Swainson, the mother of the missing teen spoke about the events preceding the kidnapping.

Sheriff Leon Lott of the Richland County Sheriff Department has always suspected him as the kidnapper and Grant refuses to cooperate with authorities.

Lott said Swainson’s mother had a personal relationship with Grant and he also had a key to the home where Swainson came up missing.

Freddie Grant

Lott spoke in several press conferences calling Grant “a monster.”

Grant’s attorney, Fielding Pringle, filled a gag order against Lott for speaking out, but it was denied.

However, Circuit Court Judge DeAndrea Benjamin warned Lott and all other law enforcement officials to curtail their public statements, according to The State.

Contact the Richland County Sheriff Department at (803) 576-3187 if you have any information about the lifestyle of Freddie Grant of Elgin and his light blue 1992 Ford Escort.

The mother of Gabrielle, Elvia Swainson, talked about the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of her daughter.


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