Franklin Davis faces capital murder charges

Franklin Davis faces capital murder charge for the death of Shania Gray/WFAA

Facebook can be dangerous at times.  Here is why.

The Carrollton Police Department charged Franklin Davis, 30, for the murder of Shania Gray, 16, who was found floating in the Trinity River by a cyclist off of Valley View Lane in Irving on Thursday.

Police said Davis was facing a sexual assault charge involving Gray, and she intended to testify against him in the upcoming trial, according to NBC 5 news.

UPDATE: Read the entire affidavit released on Monday.

Authorities believe to kill her Davis posed as a teenage boy on Facebook, formed a relationship and arranged to meet her after school at Hebron High School in Carrollton.  They drove to Campion Trails Park where Davis shot and killed her.

Read the full story – click here.

In My Opinion — This is the second foolish murder to occur in the Dallas Fort Worth area this week.  In fact, both deaths occurred on the same exact day —  Thursday.  The other murder was the death of Cicely Bolden, who was stabbed to death by Larry Dunn, for revealing her HIV status after they had sex.

COMPARISON – In each instance, both of these men did not consider how they would  make a bad situation worst.  Franklin Davis was facing a sexual assault charge against Shania Gray, now he is charged with capital murder.  In the case of Dunn, he completely snapped because he thought Bolden infected him with HIV, now he is facing murder charges with a $500,000 bond.  Sex and HIV education would have gone a long way for him.

Sadly, both women had to die for wanting to tell the truth.

It is really sad that, in the case of Franklin Davis, he could sexually assault a young girl and then decide to kill her.  That is a clear case of dodging responsibility for his actions.  In my opinion, he premeditated the whole thing by posing as a teenage boy on Facebook, forming a relationship and going on school grounds to pick Gray up.  One can only imagine what went on in his head while leading Gray to her death.  It is really sickening and sad.


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  2. mskaydailey61

    It does look like he pre-meditated the whole thing, from the fb page to the gun, to the helping her up and wanting her to pay by stepping on her neck. Oh my God. that was cold blooded killing.

    I also believe that it might not have been rape, otherwise, why would it take so long for her them to file charges. If there is documentation of his going to the police first this might be the case that they had something going on and he might have wanted it to break it off.

    • Terry McLennan

      This entire situation is sad and depressing. If you did something wrong, be a man and take your consequences. Instead you decide to take the life of an innoncent young woman who had a lot going for her. This is the ultimate act of selfishness in my opinion. I am not the biggest fan of capital punishment, but if the courts do decide to give him the death penalty, I honestly cannot find any reason to disagree with them on this one.

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