Man murders woman after revealing HIV status

Larry Dunn and Cicely Bolden

Larry Dunn, 36, murdered an Oak Cliff woman for revealing she was HIV positive on Thursday who he had only been dating for a short time.

“She killed me so I killed her,” Dunn said.

Cicely Bolden, 28, revealed to Dunn that she was HIV positive after having unprotected sex with him.  Bolden’s children found her undressed from the waist down and repeatedly stabbed in the neck, according to the Dallas Morning News.

According to the affidavit, Dunn said he “got up out of bed and walked to the kitchen and got a knife” and stabbed Bolden twice.

See ABC News video report.

Far too many people are having unprotected sex as if it does not mean anything.  If it is not HIV, then it is unwanted pregnancies.  In the case of Cicely Bolden, she honestly probably would have been arrested herself for possible infecting Dunn. In the past, several people have faced charges for possibly affecting other people with HIV.

This situation was a clear sign that domestic abuse was definitely in Golden’s ‘would-be’ future; but it sped up with the news of her HIV status to Dunn.  It seems he was already a ticking time bomb, so she more than likely would have experienced some form of abuse from Dunn.  (Read more about the signs of domestic abuse)

What sickens me about this case is apparently, Dunn feels comfortable with having unprotected sex with women, so he probably has HIV laying dormant inside him, too.  It takes many years for it to manifest, so it will be interesting to see the outcome of this situation.

Sincere sympathy goes out to the children of Bolden.


  1. Nailah

    Telisha Brown you are giving out misinformation. HIV DOES NOT LIE DORMANT. It MAY take up to ten years to experience symptoms. The virus can be detected in the blood from weeks after exposure to six months. I’ve worked at a volunteer clinic is where I get my information from. It is sad for both parties, I especially feel for the children of the victim.

  2. shanellegibson

    It’s really sad that her children had to find her like that. I agree with you Telisha, even if you try to educate people, at the end of the day they are going to do what they want to do. Most people won’t get the message until it hits home, whether they get infected or know someone who is infected.
    One thing I hate to see, when people who shouldn’t have children are having unprotected sex and having babies. If they can’t take care of themselves how are they going to take care of a baby? But I digress. I just don’t get it…

  3. Anonymous

    I 100% believe whether or not she was having unprotected sex or not, she should reveal her status to her sexual partners. Sad that Larry Dunn killed her because of it.

    • Like it is ....

      The guy killed her because she had unprotected sex with him while having knowledge she was HIV positive and potentially infecting him without disclosing her status. HIV isn’t necessarily a death sentence anymore but its still not fair to try and infect someone and have such an impact on their lives for your own pleasure, or blame the unprotected partner as the infected should have a duty of care to the uninfected to do their best to avoid spreading the virus. If people did that .. the infection rate would drop significantly.

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  5. Tana

    If this is truly what happened, Cicely had an obvious case of MALICE and no regard for human life! Did she expect this man to be happy at her ‘honesty’, post-unprotected-sex. Wth was she thinking?!? She played with fire with human nature and got burned! This was not a cold-blooded murder. I believe the jury will have a hard time being anything but sympathetic as they put themselves in the shoes of this man.

    • amber

      Thats what i am saying…its really sad the way she died and her kids found her..bur she was wrong for that give people the choice exspecially when your aware of your illness..since when wasn’t HIV a sentence to death and sickness… if he already knew she would still be alive.. i understand she MISS CICELY BOLDEN Has a family that loves,her and wants justice.. but family where,the justice for the women and men kids and familys she helped killed. By sleeping around and infecting others.. its all sad but if the storys true. She was so so wrong for that

  6. Jayson

    Put yourself in this man’s shoes.. She purposely infected him and told him “after” they had sex. Are you kidding me. It’s one thing to play around with your own life but another for somebody else to just take your life. I hate that she got killed especially for her children. This is a good example of how waiting to get married before sexual activity should come into play. what frame of mind would you be in if you slept with someone with or without a condom and they told you they were infected with somethin..BEZERK!!!

  7. Dani

    You make it seem like u feel sorry for this girl who intentionally infected this man.. She wouldn’t have experienced any kind of abuse from him, he is just as much a victim as her.. Come on let’s be fair..

    • Telisha Brown

      Dani when is the last time you looked into HIV research. Infected mothers give birth to babies who are not infected. The question is was murder necessary. You make it sound like you are glad she is dead.

  8. Telisha Brown

    Yes Paul. But it is still amazing how Dunn could kill her not knowing if HIV laid dormant inside of him, too She is obvioulsy not the only woman he decided to sleep with unprotected after 30 years.

  9. Paul

    Telisha I agree with you that too many people and especially young people are having unprotected sex and yes the consequences can be deadly or incredibly impactful on someone’s life. I think this story is good information for people to read and understand the affects of unprotected sex.

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