Was Letisha Morgan becoming a potential serial killer?

It is a mystery how she went from prostitution to an appetite for blood and murder.  She was relentless in her kills. But, no one in the media ever answer where she came from.  Answers like: Where is her family? What high school did she attend? Does she have any children? What caused her life to spiral down into total destruction? Was she molested and raped as a child?

Surely, she had a beginning before a life of homelessness, prostitution and drugs which eventually lead to two charges: a capital murder and first-degree murder. Of course, anyone who did something as hideous as 34-year-old Letisha Morgan does not deserve acknowledgement. Right? I disagree.

There are far too many young girls whose lives completely spiral out of control. And, once they enter the criminal justice system they often forgotten.  Morgan is a prime example of how drugs and prostitution will destroy a young girls life.  What happened so bad in her life that caused Morgan to show the early sign of a would-be serial killer?

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department arrested Morgan (case number F1255070) on May 2 for the shooting death of James Stevens, 41, of Dallas, an amputee who lost his leg several years ago. According to the police report, Morgan got into a short argument with Stevens while walking around completely naked as Stevens and a witness were playing dominoes. She later put on her clothes and left. Shortly after, Stevens fell asleep on the couch in a garage, Morgan returned and unloaded the gun killing him then left again.  According to court documents, the trial date is on Oct. 01, 2012 at 9 a.m. in the 195th District Court in Dallas County.

The murder of Stevens lead to the unveiling a cold case committed in Sioux Falls, SD  in which Morgan later confessed to killing Howard Allen, 52, stabbing him 37 times.  These murder cases were featured on “The First 48” on A&E TV  which can be viewed online.

Morgan stated they had sex and watch pornography all day long while doing crystal meth.  When Allen finally fell asleep she repeatedly stabbed him with a knife up to 37 times.  With each slashing the knives would bend or break so she grabbed a new knife up to three times.  She told the investigator, on “The First 48,” that after killing Allen she had sex with his dead body before leaving the scene.

Later investigation revealed that Morgan’s claims of pornography and crystal meth usage by Allen were not true.

According to statements from Morgan she said the murder of Allen was something that just happened and not planned.  When investigators asked her why she confessed to the killing now she said, “just trying to get it over and done with.”

Therapist diagnosed Morgan with depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.  She is content with being caught and ready to face her sentence.

“I’m not looking at that as a bad thing,” Morgan said to a KSFY-ABC news reporter. “I’m looking at it as a good thing, because I need to rest. My body is tired, and my mind is corrupted.”

In my opinion, the reality Morgan created could have easily turned her into a serial killer.  She seemed to develop a taste for blood, and to murder someone seemed to become easier for her.  I believe that if the authorities would not have captured her soon enough, Morgan could have become another Aileen Wuornos.

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  1. candie

    I have no pitty for that bitch …she know exactly what she did …so I think she should do every bit of her time …ham mercy on your soul

  2. Markita Birmingham

    Your ex brother in law has mental problems also.. I know him too… @na.. kieth aka Kilo stop lieing on my sister. Kevin we not even going to go there. Lets get this clear i hate this happen to anyone. Yes my sister has a mental illness and i pray she get help. We cant judge anyone only God can judge. Second everyone stop lieing. Stop making up stories. My mommy never turned her back on her. Get your facts right. Everyone know she was wrong including herself. Kilo u will not get that address u lie to much. Everyone keep God first and stay prayed up.

    • kilo

      I’m not lying I have nothing to lure about I was with her for almost 2 years and have pictures and videos to prove it that I’ve never released out if respect you can even ask her mother…. She moved to east dallas to be with me I have countless witnesses
      She’s meet my mother and my brothers I took her around family all the time
      My point is I have nothing to lie about and I do still love her

    • deirdre

      Hey did you say Latisha glodie is your sister? I am currently watching The First 48 and her case is one of the ones that came up. And the reason why I was asking cause I was wondering if I could get her information on where she is serving time because I would like to write her and send her up lifting cards. A few friends of mine that I go to church with do this thing where we send cards like birthday cards and Christmas cards to inmates that we may know or friends we know that’s serving time. And I’m interested in sending Latisha an uplifting card. I just feel that it landed in my heart to do so while I was watching the show to do so if you and your family don’t mind.

      • charlie

        Are you serious? This woman is a complete sociopathic killer. I don’t give a damn how bad her childhood was. People need to step up and take responsibility for their actions. That seems to be most of the problem, people make excuses for their bad behavior. Well my childhood was no picnic and yet I somehow grew up to be a loving, caring and yes law abiding citizen. You need a reality check. And I hope if this woman ever gets out she visits your hometown first.

  3. poundcake

    this is really really sad but i myself just got out of prison and had medical issues that they wouldnt help me with not mental issues but female issues in prison they dont care u literally have to be dead but leticia knew she had strange things going on with herself she knew she wasnt nomal she should have pursued help for herself 800 numbers church it was other ways but overkill so u do the crime u got to do the time my prayers go out to her and her family but those men had a right to live nobody deserves to be brutally murdered period

  4. Mary H. Allen-Jacobs

    “But, no one in the media ever answer where she came from. Answers like: Where is her family? What high school did she attend? Does she have any children? What caused her life to spiral down into total destruction? Was she molested and raped as a child?”

    The author of this blog is one very ignorant human being asking questions about this monster like she is somehow the victim. The questions should never be asked about the murderers except by the proper professional people, behind closed doors so that things like this can perhaps someday be stopped before they happen. This monster should be put to death and then perhaps we can get some closure. Yes, I am a relative and in turn, a victim of this monster. Don’t blame the victims…EVER.

    • K

      Thats my cousin. I miss her so much. They push her to that. She was a good girl. Track star in high school. Did hair very well. Went to school for it. It wasnt til my mother died in 07 that turned doth our lives a real living hell. I stayed wit her 4 a while, and knew she was way gone. I had a pregnant girlfriend and her son at the time. So i couldnt stay. But she was tryin to get back on track. But her mother took her kids and basically disowned her. And would not let her see her kids. Her babydaddy turned his back on her. All this after me her cousin, who she called her lil brother, was locked up, her aunt just died. Witch was my mother. And her granny, who we called Big Momma. Had just died also.. The only 2 ppl that really gave a damn bout us was gone. And we was left 2 deal wit family members who couldnt stand us. The streets was all we knew. Yea we was good kids in school. But all that changes when u gotta make it on ya own. Expecially when u go kids 2 feed and sick family members. A 9 to 5 dont cut it. And 2 jobs how u go look after them? I was strong enough to go thru my lil issues and not go that far. Not go say wat has happend, but i will say this. U do wat u gotta do to survive. Period. If not, yall probaly b talking bout her death… Trust some ppls lives aint all peaches and cream. And sumtime there is noone to help u overcome or go a different way. And u see the result.. All i got left in this world other than my kids i cant see cuz i just got out. Thowedness0@gmail.com

      • Telisha Brown

        I just read your comment. I really wanted to know where she came from. I was so struck when I saw her on FIRST 48 last year. I jumped out of my bed, because she seemed to be my age, so I could not believe what I just heard on the television. I am truly touched by stories like this, because people come from somewhere…………I really feel bad it all happened.

  5. LPC

    I am a licensed professional counselor and I spent years working on an inpatient trauma unit at a local mental health hospital. Letisha has classic Dissociated Identity Disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder). I think I read somewhere that she said she blanks out and the next thing she remembers is waking up in jail, or being in some kind of trouble. On The First 48 Hours episode, the witness even made mention that she was called Goldie because she had two personalities. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mental health professionals who do not believe in Dissociated Identity Disorder (DID), or they have little to no experience with it, and it often is misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. When you are exposed to repeat trauma at an early age, such as sexual abuse as was stated in the comments, your brain splits as a way to protect itself. The brain will create alter personalities as a way to escape the pain they are experiencing in the moment. Often times one of the personalities is very angry, and holds all of the anger of what has happened to the victim over the years. It is an internal struggle for the victim to constantly try and keep the angry alter from coming out. The movie Primal Fear with Edward Nortan is a good example of someone with DID.

    • kilo

      You are right…when I was with her she had two personalities that came out one was tish who was the normal her then when she would act out of the ordinary she’d call herself loopy….(which is tattooed on her left back shoulder) I didn’t really know if she was faking it or not until I saw a show called united states of Tara.after seeing that show and every time I see that show I’m like yeah that’s tish…..

      • LPC

        Yes, she has classic DID. Even in the interview Tish did with the news reporter, in regards to the diagnosis she has received, Tish said she feels like something deeper is going on with her. From my experience, patients that are finally diagnosed with DID experience a huge relief. The patient’s family members also feel good to have a diagnosis that makes sense. Most of the time when I would talk to their family members, they would have a long list of examples to validate a diagnosis of DID. The good news is DID is treatable with traditional therapy, as long as you have a therapist that understands DID. I thought about her all night. I wish I knew how to get in contact with the mental health professional that evaluated her. I have a colleague that always told me I needed to check out United States of Tara, but after working in that environment everyday the last thing I wanted to do was watch it on TV. I doubt very seriously that Tish suffers from schizophrenia.

  6. Kimbo

    I saw the episode last night on The First 48. I’ve seen people on there before that I know but for some reason this one got to me. I didn’t know Tisha that well but we would speak and talk to each other. I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

    • Telisha Brown

      Wow… That is shocking to know this many people actually knew her… I was so shocked when I first saw it, last year in September, so I had to say something. I wish I could fully understand what brought her to this point…. I have heard different things from the comments on this post.

  7. Just Beachy

    I just watched this episode of The First 48. I watch the show a lot but this was the first episode that really made me sad. While I don’t
    condone her actions, I don’t think that people really realize how deeply early childhood trauma (physical/emotional/sexual abuse) can scar a person. Something happened to this woman that caused her to twist and change into the woman she became. I sincerely hope she is getting the mental health help she needs. It’s a shame that no one helped her earlier.

  8. kilo

    I was with her when she finally hit the deep end….she really had it together when I met her in 07. She had just got a new apt in east Dallas to be closer to me…we carried on a great relationship for almost three years and her kids even called me dad…there were no drugs or prostitution.she did exert mental problems but they were minor at best…I even went with her to coats and Todd to get her ssi check started. I was in a relationship with another woman and she found out…at first she was angry but the she told me that she just wanted to be with me even if she was just the other woman…..at first things were ok….but my visits to her went from daily to every other day to maybe once a week…that’s when she would start to show up at my house unannounced and even going as far as to bringing the police with her saying I had stolen her house key (she had given me a key to all of her apartments in that three year period). That’s when she moved a local crackhead in with her named coco…she told me she moved her in so that she wouldn’t be alone since she had been used to me being there with her everyday . That’s when the disturbing and erratic behavior began….I had noticed she had started smoking crack with her new roommate and saw that she was also losing weight but I didn’t abandon her…I made the woman move out and tried to make tish seek help…by this time her kids had already been with her parents about a year…..she did not seek help and I couldn’t force her to…I did often visit her but now she had all kinds of different roommates in and out of her house and people constantly trying to bring her drugs..I usually ran them off but I couldn’t watch her 24/7…so one day I went to her place and there were holes in all of her walls and the apt was totally trashed I thought she may have been dead…there was a white board in her house and I wrote on it that I would be there everyday at a certain time to see if she was still living…one day I came back and she was there waiting for me..I was sooo relieved and had stayed that night with her…..so one day while I was running an errand she showed up to my house and demanded her key back from my girlfriend..that’s when I decided to end it between us once and for all so I went to her with her key and told her it was over..that’s when she sprayed mace in my eyes and tried to Stab me with a little knife that I still have to this day…I ran through traffic with my eyes closed and burning to get away from her…at that point I didn’t see her till about a year later..but in the mean time I had saw her ex roommate coco and she told me that tish had stabbed a man to death…of course I could believe the testimony of a drug addict so I thought nothing of it….about six months later after I had dropped my kids off at school I was at a stop sign and I saw her pass right in front of my car! I honked my horn and signaled for her to get in….she was in bad shape very skinny and boney and it smelled like she hadn’t showered for awhile….I drove her to a local park where I could talk to Her…the first thing Iasked was if she really killed a guy like her ex roommate had told me..she quickly confessed “yea I killed a guy” I was a little shocked but I didn’t know if I could believe her since her mental condition had severely faded since I had first met her….after that she tried to sit in my lap and kiss me but I refused her advances…then she got up from the bench started taking to herself and then walked away and I never saw her again after that….one day my best friend called me and told me to turn it on the first 48.to my shock and disbelief there she was tish the woman I Had loved and carried on a three year relationship with was the TV accused and confessing to the murder of two men….I was blown away..saddened angered that I would never see the woman I once loved again….I know it wasn’t my fault what happened to those men and to tish but I know for a fact I had a huge role in this difficult chapter in her life….I went to her trail hearings and I still love her…she will always be missed and there are no winners in this very sad story.

    • Telisha Brown

      KILO….Wow, this is remarkable information you just shared. It just saddens my heart to see what happened to Letisha. I was shocked by her story, so I wrote this blog. I always want to know where a person came from, because we all came from somewhere.

    • cc

      I jus got out of lew sterret jail where I was a trustee on the 9th floor which is the mental health floor. I got to know her pretty well because her cell was across from the trustee tank. she started writing me letters and told me about what happened. She also always tried to give me commissary all the time. She is such a sweetheart but she has her days where she would go off the deep end also. I was there for 4 months and just got out today. I plan to write her because I noticed she really didn’t get letters even tho someone did love her enough to keep her commissary stacked up

  9. jason d

    fuck a killer or a rapist!wait is it that wrong to kill a killer hahaha.rest in piss to the ones who murder and rape!god bless the innocent people who died.i live in ontario california on rosewood court 1022 e rosewood if u wanna kill someone kill me ask for jason

    • Mary H. Allen-Jacobs

      It’s funny how ignorant the people on this blog truly are. For one thing, I don’t recognize any of the other “relatives” that are present here and I would be happy to go on and prove that to anyone that wants to challenge me with questions that only a relative of one of this monsters victims would know, things that the general public are not privy to. The victims are disregarded her and it’s really sick. I say screw everyone that gave you a thumbs down no matter how, umm shall I say, direct your post was.

        • Margosxx

          I’ll never understand how come she’s getting so much symphony, if she were on the street she’d be hustling and smoking crack and killing more guys , help doesn’t work unless you ask for it, this bitch is where she belongs, really she belongs on death row, sure she had family, where was her cousins, ex boyfriend when she
          sticking guys to death, why didn’t they get her some help -cuz she was way out there scarey that’s why!

            • Margosxx

              I don’t think if woman was a cracking smoking hustler Male with the same back ground, there would even be this page! Unfortunately there is child abuse drug abuse and mental illness, she IS where she should be, I think very lucky she wasn’t put to death! It is a sad story, but even sadder for victims – her children and the victims families- she just fine where she’s at!

  10. beingtransntexas

    My childhood friend. Yes, Tish has always been mentally disturbed, & I guess over the years it just got worse. She couldn’t handle it on her own. She never wanted to hurt anyone in her right mind, I promise you! But, when someone hurt her or someone she loved, she did not take that lightly and you’d better look out for the wrath, but never violence to this extreme. I hope she rests, and find peace with GOD and my deepest sympathy for the families who lost loved ones.

  11. Tee

    Tisha had a rough childhood and was doomed from the start. Her Uncle molested both of us started at the age of 3 for her and 5 for me. I left Dallas at 6 but she was stuck in his clutches. For a child to be raped continuously from the age of 3 until whenever he stopped you can only expect for her mind to be screwed up. Everyone around her failed her and I pray that she can addressed to unresolved pain o her molestation as I have

  12. Tammy Jackson

    I appreciate your perspective but she was diagnosed with two disorders that don’t magically appear by environmental factors. The biological origins of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are at the core of her crimes. Of course there’s going to be an environmental influence but I do have to disagree with one point. Pointing blame at the legal system for this is a bit irresponsible. The legal system isn’t perfect but her crimes and mental disorders are not the product of that system.

    • Telisha Brown

      I appreciate you comment. The legal system is not perfect. However, often criminals are not treated for mental disorders properly while in prison. For example, look at all the ones who are in solitary confinement who conditions become worse because of the seclusion. Right now, I am not saying she was ever in solitary confinement, but no one can really say at what point she became worse.

      • Margosxx

        Life isn’t what do we do with people like this after the fact, treat them and let back in to society, there’s thousands of people with mental illness it costs money and you gotta seek treatment, even in prison you don’t have take meds if you don’t want,

  13. saffy

    I just saw this story on the first 48. I had never even heard of this story. It was horrifying to listen to the details of her confession. It looked like she was going Cold turkey and just really wanted to get it over with.
    It’s probably likely she would have killed again, because she seemed to be completely detached and unconcerned about her murders. She actually did remind me of Aileen Wuornos, a completely, utterly damaged person and who is very likely mentally ill. I don’t doubt that she probably had a horrible background like Aileen’s. She probably never had a chance to live a normal life. It’s sad all around, for her and for her victims. But I don’t doubt she would have killed again.

    • Me

      She would have seen that episode few times including tonight. Waayyyyyyyyyyyyy past drug problems and some mental health issues but very damaged and killed again

  14. sue

    If this suspect was a male, the issue of mental illness or abuse would not be mentioned. This woman is an evil, sociopathic killer who has no remorse for the horrific murders she committed. I have no doubt that if these crimes had been committed by a Male, he would be on death row – not psychoanalyzed to garner pity. Letisha Morgan is a cold-blooded killer who deserves to be punished – not pitied!

    • Margo

      I hope her children are getting the help they need! I know we all come from somewhere- alot of times horrible places ( horrible childhoods and others wonderful homes w/ $$$) my point is I think killing and disrespect for life shouldn’t be tolerated – such as this woman who confessed to 2 murders and said she did it to get over w/ and was thinking clear headed enough.to Lie about the first one and knew w/ second one she left a witness and confessed and waited til they were asleep ( both) I too bad she came from where ever but it’s even worse that she killed in cold blood twice! I think she should be on the row! Like the rest of cold blood killers- it’s way too late for her- I wouldn’t want her to parole-d

      • NikkiNik

        I don’t think anyone is saying that punishment is not in order. The point is (imo) whether male or female everyone DOES come from somewhere. Although it (mental illness) may not be addressed as much as it should be with males does not mean that it is not a factor in what aided that person in committing their crime(s). Most of the infamous serial killers that we know of have been diagnosed with something…I just REFUSE to believe that people who commit these types of heinous crimes are of sound mind…Although it does nothing to alleviate the magnitude of the crimes committed and should not (imo) lessen any sentence which might be handed down to them but it is worth considering what might have driven this person to act in such a way. When I watched the show a couple nights ago I was in disbelief of how candid she was with her confessions. It just really struck me for some reason and I knew this was a person with serious mental issues. I think it proves the point to know that she lied (allegedly) about the porn/drugs with her first murder which makes me wonder if she lied about having intercourse with the corpse. It’s sick to think that someone would do such a thing but even sicker to think that they would lie about it…I feel it goes without saying that this woman has issues that need attention and I think that is what this young lady’s post is mostly about.

        Bottom Line: There are people in the justice system that have committed horrible crimes no doubt but it does not mean that they should be denied the mental healthcare they need.

  15. Anonymous

    This is a sad story. I appreciate the manner in which you interpret the facts. Far too often, women “snap” after years of abuse and neglect. These women need to be helped before they get to that point where they hurt themselves and others. I believe marginalized women of all backgrounds need more help from the community, because their lives do matter. This woman may not have heard in years someone tell her that they loved her, so maybe she forgot what she was living for. Although I’m not trying to justify her actions, I still think this could have been prevented. I mean, she literally is so rock bottom that she is relieved to go to prison. It’s not right for any woman to get to that point.

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