New Jersey mother decapitates young son, committed suicide

Nearly every female animal in nature take great care of their young.  The female lioness will ripe someone to pieces for touching her young.  And don’t even think about touching a momma bear’s cub.

While we know some animals still do hurt their young, it is only in human being where we find the most grotesque and hedious levels of abuse.

With our level of intelligence, you would think  a human being knew better not to hurt children who have no voice, no will — no choice.  Unfortunately, this is not the case because far too many children suffer and/or die each day.

All levels of abuse are blamed for causing mental illness; and, when a family service agency knows full well that a parent is mentally unstable one would have to question: why they allow a child to stay with a parent who like this?  Not just depressed or having a bad day, but violently cursing and talking to themselves.

Chevonne Thomas, 33, admitted in a 911 call to New Jersey authorities that she decapitated the head of her two-year-old son, Zahree Thomas.  She told the 911 operator that she had forgotten to take her Prozac the day she murdered her son.  When police arrived at the resident they discovered the young boy’s head in the freezer.

In the beginning of the 911 call, Thomas said her boyfriend stabbed the boy, but she later confessed to the murder.

“You know what, I did it, I’m lying, I’m lying, I’m lying, I did it,” Thomas said.

When police arrived at the residence they also discovered Chevonne’s dead body after she stabbed herself in the neck.  Previously, the Department of Children and Family in New Jersey took Zahree from her after she admitted to smoking marijuana laced with the hallucinogenic drug PCP, blacking out in a park and leaving her son unattended in a car, according to CBS News.

Recently, Chevonne regained custody of her son and CPS said she was receiving the support needed to care for her son, including drug treatment.

According to CBS News, former neighbor Thelma Moore said Thomas showed signs of mental illness and seem to be in “a world all to herself.”

“She just walked around and talked and cursed to herself,” Moore said.

The question is:  Could the prescription drug Prozac have prevented Chevonne from killing little Zahree? And,how did this case fall through the cracks of the child welfare system?

Prozac is used for obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, bipolar spectrum disorders, and various other chemical imbalance issues.  It is hard to believe that this drug could have solely prevented someone from doing such a terrible act to their own child. We are talking about a decapitation, then placing the head in a freezer.

The child welfare system has to do a better job in their case loads.  Mary Coogan, assistant director of the Advocates for Children of New Jersey, said the state agency has made progress in reducing case loads and training staff, according to CBS News.


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